The Benefits of Drinking Water 

Not only is water essential for all living things to survive, it also has many other benefits! When you drink enough water the cells in your body provide hydration to different organs such as the skin through the blood. Hydration is key as it allows for toxins and impurities to be flushed out and can leave us with healthy glowing skin! Here are 5 benefits that drinking water has on your skin and body: 

Promotes a happy, healthy gut and clear skin!

Making sure that we are keeping up our intake of water is important for many reasons, for example it can help maintain a healthy gut and also aid with proper digestion. It also regulates our bowel movements which flushes out the toxins in our body. When we have a good routine around drinking water it allows us to consistently flush out the bad things creating a happier gut which leads to clear skin. 

Improves skin tone 

Drinking enough water can help to flush out toxins or impurities that occur in our body that can affect our skin, by drinking just two cups of water we can increase the blood flow to our skin which helps in keeping an even skin tone.  

Moisture and elasticity 

By drinking enough water daily, we are allowing our cells to stay hydrated, this leads to more moisture in the skin which helps increase the elasticity. More elasticity in the skin can help prevent premature aging such as fine lines, wrinkles, or sagging of the skin.

Reduces puffiness 

Puffiness in the skin is often caused by our body retaining water in order to prevent dehydration, which can be prevented by always making sure to drink enough water each day.

Helps prevent pimples

Drinking plenty of water each day can help to balance out the oils and water we hold on our skin, preventing excess oil which leads to fewer clogged pores or pimples.

According to the NZ ministry of health, the daily water intake recommendation is about 8-10 cups each day in order to keep our bodies hydrated and working properly. 

Chrystie Mountain
Project Physique NZ

Disclaimer: The statements on this blog are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The author does not in any way guarantee or warrant the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any message and will not be held responsible for the content of any message. Always consult your personal physician for specific medical advice.

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