The Difference Between Fat Reduction and Weight Loss


For those who come to Project Physique, you would hear me say over and over again it's not about  "weight loss" it is about fat loss.

It's important to note, and it is the biggest well-known misconception, that weight loss and fat reduction are the same thing.  They are not and never will be. When we lose weight from an area, our fat cells become smaller but the actual number of fat cells we have remain the same, they have just shrunk. When we gain weight, the fat cells then become big again.

Fat cells starts building up during childhood and adolescences and believe it or not, the number of fat cells stays pretty constant in adulthood.  So when you put on a large amount of weight, these fat cells enlarge in size as the cells fill up with fat.  When you lose weight you can get rid of fat and shrink the cells but not the fat cells itself.  Don't get me wrong, with good diet and and exercise that has both cardio and strength training, you can shrink you fat cells by losing fat in the cells so much so they become very tiny which gives the appearance of being lean.  As we age, the fat cells degenerate and dies but new ones replace them pretty much at the same rate.

I have been asked numerous times, if I stop coming Project Physique, would I just gain it all back on?  Like with anything to do with the body, if you were to stop exercising or have a terrible diet would you not gain size and weight?  And usually at a faster rate than any of us would like!  There is no miracle treatment, like once you have a treatment here, your body will stay that way forever.  It doesn't happen with diet or exercise either, for example eating healthy for a week doesn't mean you will lose weight for the month nor exercising once makes you fit for life.   There is an element of maintenance.

The difference is our use of ultrasound which causes Lipolysis and reduces the number of fat cells in the treated area, therefore rather than shrinking them to appear smaller like with weight loss, these cells are permanently removed so they can never get bigger.  For some, the stubborn hard to shift fat is shifted with Project Physique and they can carry on with their exercise and a healthy diet to maintain.

Fat cells may build up again like it has done since childhood, but it would take more time unlike weight alone which some gain back on quicker than they can lose.  And remember you will still have other fat cells there that would expand.  So it really would be best to keep up with a healthy diet and being active either way.  This is the same if you were to have surgery like liposuction.

So to simplify -

FAT REDUCTION – Unlike weight loss surgery or other non-surgical weight loss procedures, the results with ultrasound and HIFU Lipolysis treatments do last, because once the fat cells are destroyed they are gone for good. Even if your weight does not change much, you’ll be trimmer and your clothes will not only fit and feel better, but you will look better too.

WEIGHT LOSS – When losing weight, your fat cells only become smaller, they will never disappear, the number of cells is still the same. When you gain weight your fat cells become larger again.

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