Discover a new way to get your perfect you

For those who have tried everything and not reached your body goals, something very special has arrived in Dunedin.

The clinical method to shaving off cms

Discover the ground breaking SlimUp© technology that is helping scores of Dunedin women to shave off cms so that they can reach their own body goals.
This is not a gym, or a nutrition centre - we use patented non-invasive technology to help your body reduce fat, increase tone and increase your metabolism.

How SlimUp Works

The secret to the incredible success rate of SlimUp© is in the use of three key technologies to burst fat cells, burn calories and tone skin and muscle for an overall amazing result. Our qualified in-house clinical nurse works with you to develop a customised SlimUp programme based on your body and your individual goals.

The SlimUp© technology has been brought to Dunedin from Italy where it is used successfully in hundreds of clinics throughout Europe and Asia and we are delighted to choose Dunedin as the first location in New Zealand to set up.

Full explaination Video 

Discover More

If you'd like to learn more about SlimUp and how we have helped scores of local woman to gain the body shape, tone and size that want - you can book in a free, 15 minute consult in complete privacy at our clinic.  

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You Are In Great Hands

We have been helping Dunedin women to reach their goals for over five years and are in the process of expanding our facilities to
meet the increasing demand!

Fei Peters

Fei Peters (pronounced 'Fay') is our resident Director of Clinical Therapy and founder.  Fei has over 18 years of nursing experience combined with a raft of qualifications and experience in nursing.  As a busy professional and Mum, Fei struggled with losing some of the 'extras' she had put on from having kids and literally stumbled upon the SlimUp technology whilst at a dinner party.  She was intrigued enough to go and try it out and within  a few weeks of using it, she had decided to bring this amazing technology to local Dunedin women.

Fei has owned and run Project Physique in Princes Street for over 5 years.


Rachel, a fully qualified beauty therapist who graduated in 2018, possesses a profound passion for all aspects of beauty. With a natural inclination for working with people, she takes immense pleasure in providing her clients with a sense of relaxation and indulgence through her expertise in beauty therapy.

Our Clinic

Handy central, location and state of the art equipment.  Our clinic is set up with luxury, privacy and easy access for our business clientele. 

Pop in and say hi anytime or book in a free consult with to see what you've been missing out on!

Results That Astound!

The secret to the incredible success rate of SlimUp is in the use of three key technologies to burst fat cells, burn calories and tone skin and muscle for an overall amazing results.

Getting Started Takes 15mins

This treatment is conducted in our state of the art clinic in central Dunedin with qualified staff looking after you every step of the way.  The best way to get started is to book a completely free, 15minute consult.  During this session we will ask you about your personal body goals and will walk you through the variety of ways that the SlimUp system can be used to get you there.  There is no pressure to go further after your first consult, it simply a way for you to come in, meet our team and see what it is all about.

Or if you are ready to start, book in for the Initial Consultation 

  • I've used SlimUp to help me tone some annoying areas that the gym did not work with -
    I now send all of my clients to Fei and the team as it's simply amazing!


  • I love to exercise and my diet is great but I still use SlimUp because it helps me get amazing results on top
    of the hard work that I've already thrown at my body

    Karen Brown
    Gym Junkie

  • Absolutely fantastic treatments available here! Professional service.

    Health Professional

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