Flawless Foundation

Flawless Foundation



Flawless Foundation: the magic behind it is how it blends skincare serum benefits with foundation's glow and coverage. The lightweight formula gifts your skin a naturally radiant finish for that perfect nude look. Plus, with every use, your skin gets better.  Can go from medium to full coverage - it's your call!

But what's the secret sauce? Active biomolecules are the heroes here. They fight wrinkles, enhance smoothness, and stop aging and UV stress. All while giving your skin a lift, protection, and a radiant glow!

Active skin ingredients

LIFT OLÉOACTIF®- Splilanthes and Astragalus plants provide anti-aging benefits with instant wrinkle reduction results as well as continued improvement overtime, lifting and smoothing skin. Saponins from Astragalus are shown to extend cell lifespan, promote fibroblast proliferation, and stimulate DNA telomeres.

MYRTLE-OLIVE OLÉOACTIF®- Olive and Myrtle oil provide potent antioxidant protection from photo-induced oxidative stress that is 10 times more effective than pure vitamin E providing superior reactive oxygen species scavenger ability to combat aging skin.


*Colours may vary according to your screen, if unsure come in and do colour matching

Additional information


Porcelain, Ivory, Buff, Dusk, Sand, Honey, Wheat, Sienna, Java, Truffle

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