Cleansing Enzyme Lotion

Our skincare prescription essential for daily cleansing for skin that prefers the comfort of a lotion.

CLEANFIX enzyme cleansing lotion is a potent boost of protective and softening ingredients, including enzymes, for smoother skin that feels clean, fresh, soft and supple.  A unique low foaming lotion cleanser, it provides the best of both worlds with the mild foam easily removing dirt and grim, while the lotion texture provides emolliency and replenishes the skins natural oils.  It moisturises and comforts while mildly resurfacing, rejuvenating and soothing the skin.

Usage: use small amount approximately of a 10 cent piece, Morning and Night

Active Ingredients:

Triglycerides: for emolliency and preventing moisture loss

Bacillus Ferment: for gentle exfoliation and smoothing

Pineapple extract: gentle exfoliating and brightening action

Fermented Papaya Extract for natural rejuvenating and regenerating and mild exfoliation

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