Plasma Age Jet Prices

Low Energy Treatment
1-3 sessions (depending on skin)

Per Treatment FeeTime
Young Skin $60045min
Acne Skin or Acne scar Revision$60045min
Anti Age $60045min
Skin Brightening - Pigmentation$60045min

Mid-high Energy Treatment 
1-3 sessions (depending on Skin)

Anti Aging/Sagging/Wrinkles

Per Treatment FeeTime
Periorbital Upper $65045min
Periorbital Lower $60045min
Periorbital Upper and Lower$95045min
Perioral Aging or Dermatitis$60045min
Perioral and Neck$1,29560min
Full face  $1,40060min
Neck  Lines $75045min
Neck and Décolletage$1,80070min

(add 30mins for numbing cream, most won't need it)

Mid Energy Dermatology Treatment  1-2 sessions

Per Treatment Fee 

Pre Cancerous Lesions$60030min
Scar Revisions$60030min
Solar Keratosis$60045min
Contact Dermatitis$60045min
High energy Energy Treatment  
1-2 sessions (May need 5-7 days downtime)

Per Treatment Fee   

(includes 30mins for numbing)
Periorbital Upper and Lower $105070min
Perioral Anti Aging $1,20070min
Full face Anti Age$1,80085min
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