Mitochondrial Health

What is Mitochondrial health and why you should know about it?

Mitochondria is the energy part of our cells. Progressive loss of function in the mitochondria —speeds aging and death. Mitochondrial dysfunction has been linked to an array of degenerative illnesses, ranging from diabetes and neurological disorders to heart failure.

They are essential for energy, focus, vitality, and metabolism but most of us have no idea how our mitochondria work.  You can tune up your body’s quadrillions of “energy factories” so you can perform at your peak. They are tiny factories in each of our cells that turn the food we eat and the oxygen we breathe into energy.

Researchers used to think that mitochondrial mutations were unavoidable and aging-related miscommunications between cells were to blame, but they have now discovered the disconnects can be repaired if the mutations have not advanced too far.

“The aging process, we discovered, is like a married couple,” states Harvard Medical School biologist David Sinclair, PhD. “When they are young, they communicate well. But over time, living in close quarters for many years, communication breaks down.”

Fortunately, Sinclair notes, “restoring communication solves the problem.”

Caring for your mitochondria and upgrading their communication network doesn’t just help slow down the aging process.  It can also enhance your energy, metabolism, and cognitive powers, reduce your risk of age-related diseases like cancer, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, and infertility.

The more healthy mitochondria your body has, the better you’ll feel, and the more healthy your metabolism will be.  The better the mitochondrial health translates to better energy and focus, and greater ability to sustain high levels of activity without fatiguing.

One of the main reasons our mitochondria deteriorate, is that we eat an excess of poor-quality foods and a deficit of healthy ones.

The empty calories of sugars, flours, and other processed foods force mitochondria to burn through a great deal of junk — generating free radicals and inflammation as they go — before useful nutrients can be siphoned out.  From a genetic standpoint, our mitochondria were never designed for the food environment and lifestyle to which we now subject them.  Overworking out and stress can cause inflammation can degenerate the health of your mitochondria as well.

A good nutrition plan, plus strength training, that can include electrical muscle stimulation can start to improve your mitochondrial health.

The stimulating effects of Infrared therapy on body tissues cannot be overstated either.  Infrared can improve and increase the function of Mitochondria.

Everything works better when Mitochondria function improves. This is why the benefits of near infrared sauna therapy literally enhance the entire body with some folks experiencing totally unexpected improvements.


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