How Does it Work

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How Does it Work

What happens at the first appointment?

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What to Expect

Where does the equipment come from?

Italy by Sauna Italia. 40 years in the beauty industry. 2 doctors designed the equipment to ensure safety, effectiveness and improving health.

Is there anyone else in NZ doing this?

Project Physique in Dunedin, is the only place in Australasia with this system! These treatments are popular and widespread in Europe, Asia and USA.

Electro-Stimulation...Does it hurt?

Definitely not. The electric impulses are not concentrated in one specific point, but evenly distributed across the surface of the electric pads. There are no painful hotspots conveying sharp kicks. The intensity is adjusted your comfort.

Is it safe?

Absolutely, electro-stimulation uses low frequency current to stimulate the muscles. It is not only safe, but extremely efficient, as 90% of the muscles are involved in the workout. Electro-stimulation is not "shocking" you, it's contracting your muscles like you would if you were lifting weights or doing resistant training.  Electrostimulation has been around since the 70's to help with rehabilitation and recovery.

Can the electric current harm my heart?

No, the low-frequency impulse exclusively activates the striated skeletal muscles. Organs and the heart and other muscle tissue are not reached.

Electro-Stimulation contraindications?

Electro-stimulation must not be used in those with epilepsy or on people who wear a pacemaker.
In addition, stimulation must never be applied around the stomach area in women who are pregnant, or for people suffering from a hernia.

Is Infrared Therapy Safe?

No adverse effects have been reported with infrared, and this type of treatment seems to be safe for the majority of people, even those who can’t normally tolerate other types of saunas or heat treatments. Infrared wavelengths are luckily too long to be perceived by the eyes, so they don’t damage sensitive eye tissues like other light therapies can.

Does Infrared hurt?

Infrared light is also considered “gentle radiant heat,” so although it can penetrate up to 1.5 inches (almost four centimeters) beneath the skin, it isn’t painful and doesn’t cause a burning effect.

Infrared Contraindications

Contraindicated for those who have a fever, neoplasia or acute inflammation. Safe for all ages.

Ultrasound Contraindications

- Pregnancy
- Malignancy (active)
- Tissues in which bleeding is occurring or could   reasonably be expected (usually within 4-6 hours of   injury but may be longer in some instances and for   some patients)
- Significant vascular abnormalities including deep   vein thrombosis, emboli and severe arteriosclerosis /   atherosclerosis (if increase in local blood flow   demanded by the treatment can not reasonably be   delivered)
- Haemophiliacs not covered by factor replacement
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