Cellulite Treatment

What Is Shockwave Therapy?

Over the past few years, radial extracorporeal shockwave treatment, also known as RESWT, has become one of the most investigated treatments for cellulite.  With shockwave treatment, extracorporeal shockwaves (ESW) are generated. These are single, acoustic high-pressure pulses and a device will transfer the wave of acoustic energy to the skin.

The connective fibrous walls that are trapping toxins and fat under the skin, the cause of cellulite, will break down thanks to the sheer force of the oscillating wave of energy. This will help to get rid of any lumps and bumps that are getting you down. The toxins and fats are released once the connective fibers have been destroyed.  With shockwave therapy, you can also expect increased blood circulation, enhanced metabolic activity and accelerated lymphatic flow.

The high-energy radial shockwaves have also proved scientifically and clinically to have a considerable impact on the structure of college and the connective tissues in the skin, improving blood circulation.  This treatment will stimulate the formation of collagen while the skin becomes more elastic.  The injured tissues are aggravated by the high-intensity pulses of shockwave mechanical energy at a cellular level. This results in a healing response. 

How Long Does It Take To Work?


Everyone is different.  It really is dependant on the severity of your cellulite and how well your body respond to the treatments.  We assess your cellulite and estimate the number of treatments you may need to achieve the level of reduction you desire.

Some may achieve results they desire after only a single series of 6 treatments. This is highly individualized therapy though and results will be assessed throughout therapy.  Typically, treatment series usually starts a with 6-12 treatments performed 2x per week for 3-6 weeks. For optimal results, especially for those with severe cellulite, 2 or 3 series may be required with a total of up to 18 treatments.

In terms of seeing results from your first treatment, you may begin to notice a subtle difference within the first couple of weeks. However, the most considerable improvements are visible after three months. It may be advisable to have shockwave treatment again at this stage so that you can keep seeing more and more improvements.


Why treat cellulite with Pressotherapy as well?

Pressotherapy, also know as lymphatic massage or drainage, is a gentle, incredibly relaxing, painless, non-invasive detoxifying and recovery treatment.  

Pressotherapy is used to unblock and enhance the flow of the lymphatic system; the network of organs and vessels that circulate body fluids throughout our body and plays a huge part in our immune system. The flow of lymph fluid can get congested as proteins and toxins become trapped around the lymph nodes and can cause it to be sluggish. This is the reason why we use it together with the Shockwave Therapy, to move all the waste from the treated areas out of your body through the lymphatic system.


Are The Results Permanent?

Results will be long-lasting, but you will need to maintain a healthy lifestyle and exercise in order for this to be the case. We advise our patients to see shockwave treatment as part of your bigger picture, whereby you are committed to becoming healthier. You are definitely going to see the best results if you ensure your body is well-hydrated, exercise regularly, and have a good diet. If you do this, and you have shockwave treatment, you have a good chance of reducing cellulite.

Treatment Prices

One area (eg. back of thigh) $120ea 
Prepaid for 6x $105 each treatment
Prepaid for 12x $90 each treatment

Two areas (eg. back of thigh and buttocks) $190ea
Prepaid for 6x $175 each treatment
Prepaid for 12x $160 each treatment

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