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Fei Peters

BN, RN, PGCertPHC, PGDipHealSc
Registered Nurse / Owner

I am a registered nurse with nearly 15 years of experience in various roles in the community including specialist nurse, nurse educator through areas of district, community nursing and long-term conditions. I have gained higher education and strong skills such as health assessments and health promotion to name a few. Additionally, 
I had been a health coach in Wellington for 5 years prior to moving to Dunedin in 2010. My husband and I have a beautiful family with 3 kids.

Yvonne Berland


As a working mother, I know how hard it was to find time for myself, and when I did, I didn't necessarily want that time to be a grueling experience! This is why I find Sauna Italia system so appealing.
Working out and eating right can do wonders for your body, but it can still be hard to lose the stubborn fat that stays despite your best efforts. Take control and enjoy the body you’ve earned with Project Physique using electrostimulation, infrared and ultrasound technology to destroy fat with painless treatments. This technology has been around since the 1970s for physical rehab, for example, electrostimulation is used to help Stroke or Cerebral Palsy patients who had a one-sided weakness or infrared which is used by physiotherapists to improve pain and inflammation. 

The clever thing is that Sauna Italia put these components together to help with shaping, toning and slimming. This Revolutionary system uses technology that does no harm or strain on the body, has heaps of scientific research proving results. This is not just with help with size loss but has so many other great health benefits too! We are the only one with this system in Australasia!

Project Physique aims to help as many people as possible regain their health, shape and confidence back. Together with technology and supporting you to turn to a healthier lifestyle, we can achieve a healthier, happier you.

Due to demand, we included face treatments of facials you can't get anywhere else that has great results, professional quality to the cosmetic injectables and proven technology such as HIFU, Fibroblast Plasma and medical grade collagen induction therapy.  We wanted to make it a one stop shop for your body and face with treatments that are unique but most importantly, that works!


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