We are a Health Spa that uses unique but well researched technology to help people look and feel great, for the face and the body.  Feeling good with your body and giving yourself a new silhouette while gaining energy, can be as easy and simple as coming to see us at Project Physique. 

Working out and eating right can do wonders for your body, but it can still be tough to lose the stubborn fat that is resistant to your best efforts. Take control using Slim UP® Centre by Sauna Italia which uses electrostimulation, infrared and ultrasound technology to destroy fat with painless treatments. Scientifically proven to help your body shape, tone, slim, detox, rejuvenate and recover.

This is the secret to the stars! To help improve health, improve skin, de-stress and shed fat.  The likes of celebrity devotees like Selena Gomez, various Kardashians and Demi Moore love infrared therapy!

We haven't forgotten about the face! We can help take care of your face using our amazing Facials and Appearance Medicine Options with Breakthrough Technology by our talented and  permanent Registered Nurse.

Shape Tone Slim

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Non-Surgical Cellulite Treatment

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Detox Rejuvenate Recovery

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Appearance Medicine

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Trusted System

Using well known and researched system backed by science and proven results. 

Trusted Equipment

An Italian made system with a company that has been in the industry for over 40 years.

About Health

Improves your health and your emotional well being.
Unsure or have more questions?  Wanting to come and have a look?  Book a FREE 10 min NO OBLIGATION consultation with our registered nurse.

This appointment includes coming in to see our friendly team with any questions you 
may have and a look around.

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  • Easy, no fuss, lost nearly 30cms around my body after 4 treatments.  Very happy with that.


  • Lost 8cm alone in my tummy after 6 treatments and total of 27.5cm of body fat! Great
    way to trim down the cms in those stubborn places.

    Helena M

  • There are too many things I love about Project Physique to list so my top three are:​

    1. Holistic care. I came for my body size but my skin and cells are benefiting as well from the infra red lights.​

    2. Holistic care. I have a stressful job. I get to lie back and relax while I do something great for myself.​

    3. Holistic care. The staff are incredible. They look after me and my individual needs and tailor my programme accordingly.

    Jane M

  • From: A "Chronic Fibromyalgia Sufferer” sending A “Massive Big thank You” to "Project Physique”​

    I went along to the “Project Physique” opening night and I discussed with Fei, my chronic condition. To Fei’s credit, she didn’t promise anything but suggested that I try a course of treatments to see if they would help. I was at desperation point as daily, I was struggling to function in a normal manner - In fact, I couldn’t remember what normal felt like.​

    What I do know now, is that if Fei had told me that my pain and fatigue would completely disappear after only a couple of treatments, I would not have believed her.​

    I carried on with the course of 12 treatments, 3 times a week, and it gets even better, because I’ve also had the added bonus of weight and more importantly fat loss.​ More...

    J Parsons

  • I'm hooked, six sessions over three weeks and I've lost 16cm off body fat including 7 cm around my mid line!!! and 1.2kg, without changing my diet or exercise. Best of all I played golf tonight with no pain in my dodgy knee thanks to building muscle in my legs without placing weight and stress on my knee which I've struggled with for the past 5 years!

    JL Peters

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Renovation of our extension has finished and in full use!     Here are some before and after photos of our extension to gain 3 extra rooms! We are absolutely LOVING IT! Our newly renovated rooms that is all fresh and warm.

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The Difference Between Fat Reduction and Weight Loss

THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN FAT REDUCTION & WEIGHT LOSS For those who come to Project Physique, you would hear me say over and over again it's not about  "weight loss" it is about fat loss. It's important to note, and it is the biggest well-known misconception, that weight loss and fat reduction are the same thing.  They […]

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Latest Results

  So many results I haven't posted! Lets do some catch up 😉 This 40+ year old female does has a fit and healthy lifestyle with exercise and good diet already for years. Using this program, after 6 treatments, she was able to move some stubborn cms of body fat that she could not shift!! 🙌🙌

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