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A few results from a case study: 12 week programme with no changes to diet or exercise.

S.O 25 yr old Office worker lost...

Waist 3.4 cm
Tummy 4.4 cm
Hip 8.6 cm
Thigh 5.5 cm
Total 21.9 cm of Body fat


C.G 33 yr old Gym Instructor lost...

Waist 5.8 cm
Tummy 10.2 cm
Hip 8.8 cm
Thigh 4.4 cm
Total 29.2 cm of Body fat

S.F 36 yr old Architect lost....

Waist 5.8 cm
Tummy 6.6 cm
Hip 6 cm
Thigh 4.2 cm
Total 22.6 cm of Body fat


A.T 23 yr old Cashier lost...

Waist 6.2 cm
Tummy 9.4 cm
Hip 7.8 cm
Thigh 6.1 cm
Total 29.5 cm of Body fat


C.Z 33 yr old Clerk lost...

Waist 8.4 cm
Tummy 9.6 cm
Hip 9.8 cm
Thigh 5.2 cm
Total 33 cm of Body fat


Click here to view the video clip explaining results from case study.

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