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The 20 high power ultrasound sources of Slim UP® ULTRA ensure high impact action. Ultrasound waves are well-known in medical practice. These effects are used to dramatically increase the effect of the infrared lights on localised fat. In fact, the increase in local temperature intensifies the action of the lights and with the addition of a “cavitation” effect (direct destruction through the implosion of liquid micro-bubbles) and a "permeabilising” effect on the fat cell membrane which means fat cells are broken down and can eliminated easily.

The beauty therapy effects of the ultrasound waves are not limited to lipolysis, but also include:

  • fibrolysis or the reduction of advanced cellulite which involves a deeper layer of skin and the accumulation of localised fibroadiposity, which is very difficult to treat.
  • Capillarizing, oxygenating and detoxification action; analgesic (pain relief) and myo-relaxant action
  • Ultrasound waves activate fibroblasts, which are important in tissue regeneration and skin tone.


Click here for a short video to explain

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